What is a class invitation code, and what do I do with it?

Each classroom has a unique classroom URL and invitation code. In order to join a classroom, a teacher must give the URL and code to their students. Then, the student must visit the unique classroom URL and enter the invitation code.

Each of your classrooms has its own unique signup URL and invitation code. If you create 5 classrooms, you will have 5 separate sets of signup URLs and invitation codes.

To find the unique class URL and invitation code in order to share with students that need to join a classroom:

  1. From your Teacher Dashboard, navigate to your class which you need the code for.
  2. From the Class Dashboard, click on the "Actions" dropdown menu.
  3. Select "View Invitation".
  4. Provide the Class URL and invitation code to your students so that they can join your class!

Students will need to type the URL into their browsers. Once they complete this step, a pop up will appear requesting the class invitation code.

Students can then continue on to either create their student account orĀ to sign in if they have already created an account (either with another teacher or in another class of yours).

Please note: any other users must be logged out of Garbanzo on the computer when a student inputs the signup URL.

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