COMING SOON: Creating a Google-Linked Classroom

Google Classroom is a Premium Feature COMING SOON. If you would like to use the Google Classroom integration, but are not a Premium subscriber yet, you can change your subscription plan at any time by visiting "My Settings" and selecting "Change Plan."

Completing these steps will add your Google Classroom Classes, including your student roster, to Garbanzo.

*Please note: Only NEW assignments and paths created after Google Classroom Integration will populate into your new Google-Linked Classrooms. Old assignments and progress on old assignments will only remain in your old Garbanzo Classrooms. Because of this, some teachers may wish to wait until a semester change to create their new Google Classroom Integrated Classrooms. If you are mid-semester and do not have many open assignments currently, then switching to your Google-Linked Classrooms will be a seamless transition. 

1. Go to Garbanzo, and then "Classes"

2. Click on "Create New Class"

3. Click on "From Google Classroom"

Your Garbanzo account must be linked to your Google Account and connected to Google Classroom for this step to work properly.

4. Import Google Classroom(s)

Once your Google Classroom Class list appears, check the box by the class you want to import. You can import multiple classes at one time.

5. [Optional] Enable Lesson Audio (where available)

6. Click on Import [2] Courses

Your classes will now import automatically. Once the process is complete, the classes will appear on your screen without you needing to refresh the page.

Click on Import [2] Courses

7. Click on your class name

Note: You can quickly identify your Google Classroom-connected classes by the green icon shown in the upper right-hand corner of the classroom widget.

8. View your class roster

Any students that exist in your Google Class will automatically be imported into Garbanzo. You don't need to do anything extra. Now, you're ready to start creating assignments or assigning Core Paths!

View your class roster


  • Old assignments will only remain in the Garbanzo Classrooms you had set up prior to activating Google Classroom. Progress on those old assignments will also remain in the old classrooms.
  • New assignments and new progress after creating your Google-Linked Classrooms will remain in your new Google-Linked Classrooms.
  • If a student has not linked Google SSO and checked to Authorize Google Classroom in "My Settings" of their student account, their grade will not compute over to Google Classroom.

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