COMING SOON: Connecting Garbanzo to Google Classroom

This is how you will connect Garbanzo to Google Classroom. You must have Google Classroom set up using the same email address as your Garbanzo account prior to completing these steps.

Teachers and Students both need to complete these steps. Teachers and students will both link with Google SSO and also click to "Authorize" Google Classroom.

Google Classroom is a Premium Feature COMING SOON. If you would like to use the Google Classroom integration, but are not a Premium subscriber yet, you can change your subscription plan at any time by visiting "My Settings" and selecting "Change Plan."

1. Login to Garbanzo

2. Click on your Garbanzo Account Menu dropdown

This is where you access your account settings.

Click on your Garbanzo Account Menu dropdown

3. Click on My Settings

Click on My Settings

4. Click on Sign in with Google

If you do not already have your Garbanzo account linked to your Google Account for Single Sign On purposes, you must complete this step first. Teachers and Students need to complete this step.

Click on Sign in with Google

5. Click on the link labeled 'Authorize?'

Now that you've connected Garbanzo to your Google Account, it's time to authorize Google Classroom. Teachers and students need to Authorize Google Classroom.

Click on the link labeled 'Authorize?'

6. Click on your Google Profile

Click on your Google Profile

7. Click on Allow

Click on Allow

8. All done!

You're now ready to use Google Classroom with Garbanzo! Make sure all of your students also complete all of these steps to successfully link Google SSO and Authorize Google Classroom.

All done!

Now that you and your students have connected Google Classroom, get started with creating a Google-Linked Classroom!

*Please note: Only NEW assignments and paths created after Google Classroom Integration will populate into your new Google-Linked Classrooms. Old assignments and progress on old assignments will only remain in your old Garbanzo Classrooms. Because of this, some teachers may wish to wait until a semester change to create their new Google Classroom Integrated Classrooms. 

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