If you do not already have a Garbanzo account, you will need to FIRST create a Teacher account. After you have successfully created a Teacher account, you can then proceed to connect Clever and moving forward, choose to Sign in with Clever.

1. Sign in to your Garbanzo Teacher Account.

2. Click on Account Settings

3. Click on Log in with Clever

4. Follow the prompts to fill in your Clever information.

5. Moving forward, you can click on "Log in with Clever" from the Garbanzo login screen!

What if I clicked Log in with Clever before I ever made a Garbanzo account?

If you clicked Log in with Clever before you had a Garbanzo account, then you will have already filled out a screen like this:

1. Because you do not have a Garbanzo account yet, you will now need to Sign Up for an account with Garbanzo:

2. Confirm your new account via the email that was sent to you.

3. Now you will need to Sign In using your email address.

*Please note: At this point Garbanzo and Clever are NOT yet connected! You cannot log in with Clever until you complete the next steps.

4. Click on My Settings

5. Click on Log In with Clever

6. Follow the Prompts. From this point on, you can click Log In with Clever from the Sign In screen!

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