A Learning Path is a collection of stories and interesting informational texts that work with a Core set of vocabulary or a single topic. 


Core Learning Paths (Core15, Core25, Core35, etc.) are designed to support student acquisition at different levels of proficiency. Teachers can assign lessons from a path that is an appropriate challenge for the reading level of each class or student.

The Core Learning Paths group lessons by vocabulary words used. For example, the lessons in the Core15 path all work with the same small set of 15 core words. Each path beyond Core15 adds a new set of Core words to the ones featured in previous paths; for example, Core25 features the same 15 Core words from Core15 plus 10 additional Core words.

To find lessons that are an appropriate challenge for your students, we recommend navigating to the "Paths" portal. Click on a Path title, and look at the list of Recycled Vocabulary. If your students are comfortable interpreting those words in context, lessons from that path could be a good fit. If not, try an earlier path! Then, look at the list of New Core Vocabulary. If your students are comfortable interpreting those words in context, you can confidently assign lessons from this path, knowing that your students will understand them with ease. To continue building their linguistic proficiency, look at the next path in the sequence and assign lessons from there, as well!


Garbanzo also offers topical paths that feature stories and texts that center on a single theme or topic: for example, there is a path about the ongoing Crisis in Venezuela and a path about Celebrations like Cinco de Mayo and El Día de los Muertos.

ASSIGN LEARNING PATHS: Teachers can now assign complete Learning Paths to students on Premium Subscriptions! When assigned a Path of lessons (versus a single lesson), students will progress through lessons in a path, sequentially, unlocking the next lesson in the path as they complete lessons one by one.

How to Assign a Core Path

PLACEMENT TESTS: The Placement Test feature evaluates students’ functional vocabulary and automatically places each student on the best path for learning. THIS FEATURE IS STILL IN COMING SOON MODE.

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