Open up lessons in the Classroom Biblioteca

The Biblioteca provides a free-reading and practice lesson section on the student dashboard. Full Access to the Biblioteca is a Premium Feature.

Lessons open in the Biblioteca appear as optional readings for students to complete in their own time. They are not mandatory and are not formally graded/evaluated.

To make lessons available in the Biblioteca:

1. Enter your classroom dashboard

2. Click to "View Biblioteca"

3. Select to "Add Practice Lessons"

4. Select any of your classrooms which you want to open up the practice lessons for

5. Select multiple lessons at once to open up within the Biblioteca

Within your teacher dashboard, you can now view a full list of all lessons in the classroom's Biblioteca. You also have the option to click into any Biblioteca lesson to view statistics on how many students have completed, how many times they practiced, and how they have improved between each of their attempts.

From the student view, students see the Biblioteca beneath their "Assignments Due" section:

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