Where does Garbanzo lesson content come from?

Many Garbanzo lessons are adapted from existing content published by The Comprehensible Classroom, including the SOMOS Curriculum, past articles from El mundo en tus manos, and Holiday/Cultural resources. All lessons and challenges have been written and designed to walk students through the content without need of prior exposure to the topics. Additionally, Garbanzo original content is added by our team of Content developers, who are all experienced classroom teachers.

Garbanzo supports all Spanish teachers, regardless of the curriculum that they follow.

Teachers can search for lessons by topic (places around town, family, etc.), by AP Theme, by country, by tense, and by perspective. In this way, any teacher can find Garbanzo lessons that line up with what they are teaching in class! Alternatively, teachers can assign their students lessons from paths that match up with their students' reading ability. Learn more about paths here!

If you are an educator who is currently using the SOMOS Curriculum and/or lessons from The Comprehensible Classroom, Garbanzo is the perfect supplement to reinforce concepts learned in class, to review prior learning, and support students that have been absent or joined your course late in the semester.

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