There are 2 ways to create an Assignment for your classrooms.

Creating an Assignment: Method 1

From your Classroom list, look for the classroom you wish to make an assignment for, and click on the "Create Assignment" shortcut button:

At this point, your first option is to select additional classes which you may want to also assign the lesson to. Check the box for all classes you would like to assign the lesson to:

Here, you can also toggle between assigning Lessons, or assigning Learning Paths.

Be sure to assign your Open, Due and Close dates. 

Use the search bar to look for the lesson you want to Assign, and use the "+Show Advanced Filters" to help sort through the lessons.

Creating an Assignment: Method 2

From any screen in your teacher account, you can select the "Browse Lessons" top menu option to search for lessons to assign. 

Select "Browse Lessons" will open a new internet tab and allow you to search through lessons. Using the filtering options, you can quickly navigate and search for an appropriate lesson to assign.

When you locate your desired assignment, you can select multiple classrooms to assign the lesson to, and set your Open, Due and Close dates.

After clicking the green button to Assign the lesson, you can continue on to assign more lessons.

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