You can now send a password reset email to any student. The process is slightly different for minors vs. those over the age of 13. Garbanzo is fully COPPA compliant and we do not collect email addresses for minors. If you select to send a password reset email for a minor's account, the reset notice will be sent to the parent/guardian's email address which the minor registered with. Those over the age of 13 will receive the reset email directly to the inbox which they registered with.

To send the reset email, enter your classroom:

Select the student:

Click to Send Password Reset Email:

Occasionally students do not remember which email address they signed up with. When you select to send a password reset email, a portion of the address will be displayed in the event that the student needs a reminder about which email account was used to create their Garbanzo profile.

*Please note: If the student has signed up with Google Single Sign On (SSO), or has at some point connected their account using SSO, you will not be able to send a reset notice because they are signing on directly with their Google account. The error message you receive will look like this:

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